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Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S. is now offering certification in The Meeks Method Level 1.


Certification in Level 1 is open only to those medical or exercise professionals who have taken or are scheduled to take the seminar OSTEOPOROSIS: A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy LEVEL 1. If you continue with this process, you will be asked to fill in identification information including where and when you took the Level 1 seminar or where and when you are scheduled to take it. If you attended another type of seminar with Sara Meeks, this will NOT qualify you to become certified in The Meeks Method Level 1.


If you have taken the Level 1 seminar and cannot remember where and when you took it, please call SARA MEEKS SEMINARS directly at 352-378-6484 to speak with Sara Meeks regarding your continuation in the certification process.

A total fee of $90.00 will be required for certification in Level 1. $45.00 is payable at the beginning of each level and the final $45.00 is payable prior to awarding of the certificate.

It is not mandatory that you become certified in order to take any of Sara Meeks’ seminars. If you take any seminar, you will receive Continuing Education Credit even without completing the Certification Process.


Step 1

  1. Read this overview information and then press the Start Certification button at the bottom of this page.
  2. This will take you to the data collection page where you will fill out information including your name, professional affiliation, address, contact telephone numbers, email address and where and when you took the Level 1 seminar. You will also need to provide credit card information to pay the $45.00 initial fee. All major credit cards are accepted by SARA MEEKS SEMINARS.
  3. You will then be assigned a 6 digit code that will allow you access to the test. (This code also allows you to re-visit this site to track the progress of your certification.)
  4. Complete and submit the test. There are 41 questions on this test and you will be given a total of three (3) tries to complete the test with a grade of 100%. Our idea is that we want you to KNOW the material at the end of this process and so we require a score of 100% for completion of certification. If, after 3 tries, you have not "passed," it would be necessary for you to take the Level 1 seminar again before re-taking the test.
  5. When you submit the test, it will go directly to Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S. She will grade the test and will post the result along with notes on suggested further study on this website. A link will be available for you to receive this information.

Step 2

After completing the testing procedure for Level 1, you will be expected to complete a project before you are eligible for full Level 1 certification. Listed below are some ideas for a project. If you have an idea of another project that might qualify for certification in Level 1, please contact Sara Meeks directly for approval of your project.
  1. Give two in-services, each at least one hour in length, to the staff where you work. The staff could be just physical therapy staff or include other rehab staff and/or medical personnel. These in-services must be documented by sending the outlines, dates, times of the in-services, signatures of the personnel who were present and completed feedback forms by the participants to SARA MEEKS SEMINARS.
  2. Give two community presentations at least one hour in length. These presentations must be documented by sending the outlines, locations, dates, and times of the presentations to SARA MEEKS SEMINARS.
  3. Complete one in-service plus one community presentation as described in a and b above plus teach a group exercise class of at least 4 weeks duration. Documentation for this class includes the class outline, locations, dates and times of the classes, plus number of participants in the class.

Upon completion of the above requirements and payment of the final $45.00 fee, you will receive a high-quality, frame-able document of Certification in Level 1 of The Meeks Method.

You should consider using any of the material from your in services or class teaching as preparation for writing a paper, article, or case report required for Level 2 certification which will be available in the future.