Except for our new COMMUNITY EDUCATION FLASH DRIVE, all products that have been previously available for purchase on our website are now available for purchase through OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products). These products have been designed to enhance your practice and to educate you and your patients on the condition of osteoporosis and its management through Physical Therapy, Movement and Exercises. Listed below are some of the products we offer along with a short explanation of what the product is and how to use it.


To order products, please scroll down this page and read about the products and then you can order them at the OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) website, which displays products from SARA MEEKS SEMINARS.

  • The Physical Therapy Management of Bone Health --
    A Clinician's Guide

    The World's Osteoporosis Time Bomb is Ticking.1

    This book is currently not available. The 3rd edition is "in the works" and should be available by mid 2017...larger, more exercises, up-to-date research on bone health. Stay tuned!

    Focused primarily on The Meeks Method™, a 12-point comprehensive approach to bone health, this booklet includes information on Pre-Assessment Screening, Patient Evaluation and Education, Site-Specific Exercise, Body Mechanics, Postural Correction, Balance, Weight-Bearing Exercise, Bracing, Breathing, Relaxation, and Modalities, as well as updated guidelines for Advanced Exercises in the Gym, Yoga, Pilates and more. There is also information on the management of special populations such as Pediatrics and the Physically Frail.

    The Meeks Method has proven to be a very successful program for the management of osteoporosis and bone health and is based heavily on principles of movement and exercise supported by the research literature. It has also been clinically-reported to be successful in managing patients with scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and other back pathology.

    A study from The Mayo Clinic indicates that strengthening of the back extensors reduces the risk of subsequent compression fractures more significantly and for a longer period than vertebroplasty.2 The Meeks Method has, as its core principle, strengthening of the back extensors.

        1 World Health Organization 2003
        2 Huntoon, Schmidt, Sinaki. Mayo Clin Proc. Jan 2008.

  • 2ND EDITION WALK TALL! An Exercise Program for the Prevention & Treatment of Back Pain, Osteoporosis and the Postural Changes of Aging

    WALK TALL! An Exercise Program for the Prevention & Treatment of Back Pain, Osteoporosis and the Postural Changes of Aging 2nd Edition a continuing best-seller for 20 years has been designed to serve the public as they search for answers to the epidemic condition of low bone mass. At 159 pages, it is about 40% larger than the first edition and still comes in the handy 5" X 8" spiral-bound format. Once again, although this book does not necessarily contain all the exercises one could do for osteoporosis, all of the exercises and guidelines have been specifically developed for SAFETY and THERAPEUTIC INTENT. The book is well-illustrated and each exercise is described in detail with easy-to-follow instructions. Included are Site-specific Exercises, Posture Perfect, Balance, Weight-Bearing Exercise, Safer Sitting, Breathing & Relaxation, Activities of Daily Living, Scapular Strengthening with Resistance Band, Use of Foam Rollers, and enhanced Do's and Don'ts for other Activities (e.g., Yoga and Pilates) and Gym programs (Keeping Bone Healthy). New to this edition are two pages of routines you could follow-examples of routines include exercises for strength, flexibility, what you can do on an airplane, in the car etc. Although this book has been written especially for the public, it has also been reported to be very useful to clinicians.

    This DVD contains three video recordings:

    #1 Patient Education shows Sara Meeks with a model of the skeleton explaining what osteoporosis is, giving information on bone density testing and, most importantly, what can be done about it from a movement and exercise perspective. Contraindicated exercises are also explained.
    #2 Basic Exercises shows Sara Meeks working with a patient who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and demonstrating the basic exercises in her program.
    #3 Postural Correction, Balance, Gait shows Sara Meeks working with two different patients, both diagnosed with osteoporosis, and demonstrating exercises to improve body alignment, balance and walking.

    These foam rollers can be used to improve spinal alignment, strength and balance and to promote spinal elongation. Two of the rollers recommended by Sara Meeks come in a vinyl-covered soft density foam: one is a full round 6X36 roller and the other is a ½ round 6X36 roller. The other recommended roller is called the OPTP Soft Pink Pro Roller—actually this roller is more like a medium density roller when compared to the other two. As people master the exercises on the softer rollers, they then progress to the more firm Pink Pro Roller.

    For your more sensitive patients, it is suggested that you begin a foam roller exercise program with the ½ round 6X36 roller. This half roller can be used in a bed, recliner chair or on the floor, is placed vertically up the back, and is very supportive.

    Some of my patients have called this ½ roller their "Comfort Cushion."

    Once they have mastered the use of the ½ roller, patients can progress to the full round soft density or even to the Pink Pro Roller. However, please try your patients on these rollers before you order one specifically for them. Some people will not progress beyond the use of the half roller and that is fine, if they will use that for exercise, they will obtain spinal elongation benefits.

    Contact SARA MEEKS SEMINARS for any clarification.

    The EZ Posture Pillow was designed (by Sara Meeks, PT) to support the pelvis (and thus the vertebral column optimal alignment) in seated Yoga postures and other exercise. Although the original intent of the design was as a meditation pillow, it can be used in a standard chair, wheelchair, on board an airplane, in your car etc.—basically, any place you sit.

    It has a recess in the back for the ischial tuberosities (SITS Bones) and a bump in the front for the pubic symphysis ("P" Bone.) This unique design supports the pelvis in a neutral position thus giving more support for the back. With pressure on the bump in the front, the pelvis is tilted forward thereby helping to protect the natural lordotic curve of the lumbar spine.

    Combine correct seating on the EZ Posture Pillow with elongation of the spine by lifting up through the manubrium bone ("M" bone) and you are seated in the Perch Posture which strengthens the back extensors.

    Each individually hand-made EZ Posture Pillow comes with a re-moveable, washable cover.

    The EZ Posture Strap (another original design of Sara Meeks PT) consists of a single triangular piece that fits on the back between the shoulder blades, two looped straps that fit over each shoulder, cross in the back (within the triangular piece) with a handle at the end. Pictured is the EZ Posture Strap in the starting position and in the finished position.

    The EZ Posture Strap is NOT a brace. It is designed to be an exercise tool, an easy-to-use device that you can throw into your workout bag and carry with you to the gym or keep it handy at home for your home exercise program.

    Its unique action pulls the shoulder blades down and in, thereby stabilizing the shoulder girdle for cervical and shoulder exercises.

    Available in 3 sizes by chest measurement:
    S (28"-34") M (35" - 42") L (43" - 52")

    Comes with instruction for use.

    A new product in 2016. Available only to people who have completed Sara Meeks' Level 1 Seminar. This is a useful product for those of you who want to go out into the community and teach groups or classes. Comes with a box for storage and a handy name tag to identify it as your own.

    It contains:
    • The complete, recently revised Level 1 course manual in PDF
    • The complete PowerPoint Presentation with original slides
    PDF's of the following:
    • The Decision Tree
    • Compression Fracture Guidelines
    • Four (4) Groups of Patients Diagnosed with Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
    • Get Involved Sheet
    • Four (4) Renditions of the Patterns of Postural Change (jpeg images)
    • Latest version of Recently-Revised Exercises of The Meeks Method™

    You can also request other information from the course such as the current "Recently-Revised Exercises for The Meeks Method™"

    All of this so that you can easily:
    • Copy exercises and other materials for patient/client handouts
    • Design entire exercise programs
    • Have easy access to the reference list

    To order this product, call 352-378-6484. $50.00 + $15.00 S&H. With purchase of this product comes a $15.00 upgrade at any time. We typically revise the course materials 1-2X yearly.

To order all products (except the Community Education Flash Drive), please visit the OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) website. For the COMMUNITY EDUCATION FLASH DRIVE, which is available only to those who have completed the Level 1 seminar, please call us directly at 352-378-6484.