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On-Site Personal Consultations and Exercise Prescription

Sara offers a small, on-site consultation service whereby people travel from around the U.S. to take advantage of her expertise.

Details for an On-Site Personal Consultation

Contact Sara via email () with your request. Sara will reply to your email to discuss your personal situation and to work with you to schedule a time when you could come to Gainesville, FL to see her personally.

Fees for an on-site, personal consult are:
Initial Assessment (typically) 1 ½ - 2 hours: $200.00
(Includes Photos, Postural Screen, Functional Movement, Balance Testing, Assessment of Joint Range of Motion and Initial Exercise Prescription)

Additional Sessions:
$110.00 per hour
Discounts are available when scheduling multiple visits in advance.
Contact Sara for complete Fee Schedule

People usually travel to see Sara and stay in Gainesville, FL for 3-4 (or more) days and see her 1-2X daily. Sara and John can assist you with finding a suitable hotel/motel/B&B. The advancement of your program depends largely upon your clinical condition and what goals you have set for yourself.


Sara is generally unable to see anyone for a personal consultation when she is traveling. However, she has done a few of these and so, if you are interested, contact her via email to discuss details.

A consult with Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S. is not intended to substitute for medical care and/or a visit to your physician. Sara will discuss only movement and exercise and will focus on safety for your particular condition. Medication and/or diet will NOT be prescribed and/or discussed except in the broadest, very general terms. Although much can be gained through an on-site consultation, Sara will encourage you to see a physical therapist and/or physician in your area for follow-up to this consultation.
Testimonial Received on March 2, 2007
"I'm here to tell you that I'm sold on your methods, always have and always will. The only way! I want to thank you for pursuing's needed and to have the caring, patience, desire and knowledge to continue this....Thank you Sara."
Email testimonial from a wheelchair-bound person with osteoporosis.

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