June 20, 2013


The Re-Alignment Routine--YOGA-Inspired routine for back relaxation and strengthening

Join Sara Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S., K.Y.T.* -- an award-winning physical therapist, yoga teacher, osteoporosis specialist, and founder of the Meeks Method -- and Charlotte Stone, CYT, E-RYT500, as they lead you through The Re-Alignment Routine, a Yoga-Inspired series of S.A.F.E.** movements,  that will decompress and elongate the spine, build strength in the back, hips and legs, and improve posture. Enjoy this "bone-safe" practice on its own, or as a warm-up for further practice.
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*Kripalu Yoga Teacher

**Skeletally Appropriate for Everyone***

***With gratitude and thanks to Bhavani Lorraine Nelson for this wonderful, descriptive acronym. Find Bhavani at