"So Much Information, So Little Time!"
Participant, Calgary, 2007

"Lots of practice of skills, great balance of lecture and practical work."
Participant, Calgary, 2007

"This is the best (most practical, most organized, best presented, most useful clinical information) course I have ever attended."
PT with 19 years experience. Calgary 2007

"Wonderful course. Very refreshing to see it easily adaptable to frail elderly."
Participant, Calgary 2007

"My eyes have been opened. I will now look at all my patients differently and treat them accordingly."
S.H., P.T., Colorado Springs, CO

"My feelings on the importance and effectiveness of your program are so passionate..."
H.D., MPT, Fargo, North Dakota

"I took your course almost two years ago and it has changed how I treat every geriatric patient. Thank you."
K.B., P.T., Montclair, NJ

"I have found patients experience pain relief and improved posture (even) with Medicare and HMO limits on visits."
P.B., P.T., Deland, FL

"Great job-enough said!"
Participant, Colorado Springs, CO

"This is the most awesome course I have ever taken!"
M.C., P.T., Hanford, CA

"Fabulous organization, information and handouts."
Participant, Los Gatos, CA.

"...One of our doctors wants to start a program and I feel I am armed with appropriate information to help initiate this."
L.S., P.T. Little Rock, AR

"The specificity of the exercises and the progression. So many courses just tell you scapular stabilization generally with no examples... BRAVO!"
Participant, Omaha, NE

"Wonderful, knowledgeable instructor with special teaching skills."
B.S., P.T., Vernal, UT

"This is an excellent course. Everything translates right into the clinic."
Participant, Omaha, NE

"This has been a personal and professional life-changing experience for me."
K.S., P.T., Green Bay, WI

"Effective exercise for the frail elderly."
Participant, Jacksonville, FL

"One of the best courses I've taken in a while--very applicable and easy to use. My back feels great at the end of 2 days."
A.R., P.T., Hampton, VA

"Very applicable to all my patients."
S.T., P.T., Watertown, NY

"Excellent content, excellent organization, evidence based, useful information!"
Participant, Buffalo, NY

"Very 'full-packed.' Bell-'old school teaching,' on time and full time. I feel very energized to start with this program."
Participant, Buffalo, NY

"Wonderful course--the second time!"
J.G., P.T., Buffalo, NY

"The most comprehensive and inspiring course I have attended."
J.F., P.T., Mamaroneck, NY

"A well thought-out, organized course with common sense information easy-to-apply in the clinic"
D.K., P.T.A., Calverton, NY

"I can go to the office tomorrow and use it right away."
M.O., P.T., Wyoming

"Wonderful! SARA, you are everything I expected and more...a true pioneer in our profession. Many "pearls" I can take home and use right away."
P.T., MS, PT, GCS, Florida

"Thank you for such an organized presentation and manual."
C.E., MPT, Auburn, WA

"Lots of useful information. Can't wait to use the info I learned this weekend!"
B.C., PTA, Tacoma, WA

"Thorough, Informative, Active and FUN!"
T.V., PT, IL

"The course really shouldn't be called 'Osteoporosis' as it's so relevant to so many populations."
K.S., P.T. Indiana

"Immediate Implementation."
Participant, Lancaster, PA.

"Just wanted to let you know that this was the best course I have ever attended."
S.R., P.T., Cary, NC

"It is truly a GREAT PROGRAM!! I thank you and my patients thank you!!!"
P.B., P.T., Indianapolis, IN

"Your exercise program has been a big hit at my facility."
L.B., P.T., Olympia, WA

"WOW!! I've been using so much of what I learned from you, and it's making a positive impact on many lives."
K.S., P.T., M.S.W., Green Bay, WI.

"There is not a day that goes by that I don't use something from your program."
C.P., P.T., Chevy Chase, MD

"I just attended your course. It was the best course I have had in years."
S.F., P.T., NJ

"I learned some outstanding techniques and (Sara) taught me to think in a very different way."
A.W., P.T., Akron, OH

"My first patient on the program has already 'grown' an inch in one week."
C.F., P.T.,Tampa, FL