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Telephone Consultations and Exercise Prescription

With the understanding that she cannot actually "see" you in person to completely evaluate your personal situation, Sara offers a telephone consultation service.

Scheduling a Telephone Consultation with Sara

  1. Contact Sara via email () with your request. Sara will reply to your email with specific instructions which usually include:
    1. Gather together the following:
      1. A copy of your bone density report-the pages with the pictures if possible.
      2. Other pertinent medical information such as history of joint replacement or back surgery or another condition that would impact on management of osteoporosis (for example, scoliosis), MRI and/or X-Ray results.
      3. Four (4) pictures-full body (bottom of feet to top of head), both sides, front and back views, wearing a halter top and shorts or bathing suit and NO shoes. Put hair up in a clip so that she can see your neck. Minimize background "clutter" but stand next to something for height reference (for example, an electrical outlet or picture on the wall.) A door also makes a good backdrop.
    2. Send this information to Sara:
      Preferably via email to:

      Or via regular mail to:
             P.O. BOX 5265
             GAINESVILLE, FL 32627-5265
  2. Sara will review your information and contact you via email with suggested times for the consultation.
  3. After the consult, Sara will send you a letter with a summary of the conversation along with a list of physical therapists, trained in The Meeks Method™, who are in your area.
  4. Fees for the consult are:
    First 15 minutes: $60.00
    Each additional 15 minutes: $30.00
    (Consults typically take 30 minutes to 1 hour but can be as short as 15 mins or longer than an hour)
A telephone consult with Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S., K.Y.T. is not intended to substitute for medical care and/or a visit to your physician. Sara will discuss only movement and exercise and will focus on safety for your particular condition. Medication and/or diet will NOT be discussed except in the broadest terms. Although much can be gained through a telephone consultation, there is no substitute for personal medical care. Sara will encourage you to see a physical therapist and/or physician in your area for follow-up to this consultation. She is also available for on-site consultations in Gainesville FL and has occasionally been able to schedule home visits when she travels.
Testimonial Received on March 2, 2007
"I'm here to tell you that I'm sold on your methods, always have and always will. The only way! I want to thank you for pursuing's needed and to have the caring, patience, desire and knowledge to continue this....Thank you Sara."
Email testimonial from a wheelchair-bound person with osteoporosis.

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