SAFE Yoga for Skeletal Health

This dynamic, experiential seminar will affect your Yoga practice in very profound ways. Learning to move through a Yoga practice "from the bones" and with safety and therapeutic intent will add a depth to your practice you have not experienced before. Focusing on the physical practice of Yoga (Asana,) this seminar also includes elements of guided meditation, breathing, guided walking and balance, chanting and dance for a fully rounded Yoga experience. "Transfers & Transitions," a Meeks Method exclusive, will turn a routine Yoga practice into a complete experience of conscious movement. Asanas are taught in supine, prone, standing, sitting positions and then melded together into a class format.

These seminars are designed for certified Yoga Instructors, Health and Exercise Professionals only. If you do not fit into one of these categories but feel qualified to attend, please contact SARA MEEKS SEMINARS.

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