BONE CAMP: Advanced Movement Concepts for Skeletal Health

This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and health professionals who want to introduce their students and clients to greater depth and consciousness of movement.

Challenge and "surprise" your bones in a safe and therapeutic way. Learn to move by actively using the muscles of the spine rather than letting the spine be passive to movement of the extremities. Explore movement along a continuum from least to most spinal compression and bring awareness to the role that gravity plays in all your movements and activities.

Sara will also teach Meeks Yoga Prep and an in-depth exploration of basic yoga postures and movements along with new postures such as The Mermaid Series™ that have been reported to change personal practice and teaching in profound ways. Also included is the new Meeks Transfers and Transitions™ concept to help make your experience more complete.

Rounding out the class will be updated information on osteoporosis and skeletal health, a conscious walking experience, chanting and dance, and plenty of practice teaching for the participants.

These seminars are designed for certified Yoga Instructors, Health and Exercise Professionals only. If you do not fit into one of these categories but feel qualified to attend, please contact SARA MEEKS SEMINARS.

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