Description and Relevance to Clinical Practice

Osteoporosis is occurring in epidemic proportions around this country and also around the world. It is occurring in children, young adults, the elderly, men and women, in people of all ethnicities, body types and lifestyles. According to the World Health Organization, there is a word-wide osteoporosis ticking time bomb. Physical therapists, other Rehab professionals and also Yoga teachers regularly see people with low bone mass (osteopenia) and/or skeletal fragility (osteoporosis) in their settings; yet, osteoporosis is seldom part of the diagnosis.

Safe management of this condition is imperative both from the standpoint of personal safety for the participants in Yoga classes and also from the standpoint of a reduction in the financial impact. When a person sustains a vertebral compression or hip fracture, the mortality rate and costs are very high as quality of life changes instantaneously.

In this course, BONE CAMP: Advanced Movement Concepts for Skeletal Health, the ancient practice of yoga will be presented with a focus both on practice of specific classical postures and also adaptation of certain postures emphasizing the impact on the skeletal system.

Therapists who complete this course will have an increased understanding of Yoga, be able to start their own personal practice, and will also be able to advise their patients who are currently taking Yoga classes in safe movement.

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